Goddess Guidance


Image of Goddess Guidance

This reading is geared towards connecting you with the energies, strengths and stories of the Goddess's. I will ask the Goddess's who would like to come forward and offer advice for the seeker (you!). This is a beautiful, love-filled deck, meant to empower and enlighten all who desire to connect both to the Goddess energies, but their inner Goddess as well.

All of us - men AND women - have an in-dwelling Goddess; a raw, passionate, powerful feminine energy. Since coming into contact with my major network of Goddess's, I've experienced massive life shifts; shedding, awakenings, becomings. Evolution. These deities are always willing to be in service to those who seek to live their truth, spread their light and clear the dross of the old (Meet Kali!) and step into the limitless possibilities of the new (Hello, Butterfly Maiden!).

For this reading, I ask the seeker what they're looking to move through in their lives. Blockages. Something specific they need a little will and help to break through, because these ladies are all about breaking through to help you step UP!

I'll include a message from each Goddess who comes forward for you, along with some mythology for each guide, and of course, whatever intuitive messages I receive.

These readings are done via email, and will include images of each card pulled, as well as a picture of the completed spread.