"I feel so lucky to have stumbled onto the same path Jillian Kristina is traveling. Her outreach of positivity, strength, and encouragement captivated me instantly.

When I saw a post on her Instagram (@root_down) that she could perform a reading, I could not pass up on the opportunity, since I had already felt a wonderful connection with her soul. When I reached out to her she got back to me very quickly with instruction on how to make the connection between us most effective.

I concentrated peacefully on my question for some time and sent it to her. Within a couple of days, she sent me a reading that has made such a positive impact on my life, that I am tearing up now as I type. With every single word I read of her response to me, I could tell that the universe had indeed listened to my question, as well as responded thoroughly to it through Jillian. It was just the most wonderful, life encouraging message I have received in a very long time. Every day I am smiling - sending thanks through Mother Nature, to Jillian, for helping me to begin to uncover my inner peace.

Today, for me, would not be the same without you, Jillian. When even the slightest doubt begins to enter my mind, it is easy to replace it with a smile - as I remember all of your kind and wonderful words, giving me strength and reminding me to continue looking forward.

Thank you with all of my heart and soul.

Charlotte Haney"

"If you are seeking truth and spiritual clarity I fully recommend Jillian as your guide. I came to Jillian seeking truth, as I foresee many others will as well, and her talent and connection to not only the spirit world but also to healing others will remind you to thank your celestial spirit. Jillian is thorough and genuine in her responses, and encourages you to be honest with your spirit and true to your divine plan. No matter what religious background you may have, Jillians readings are governed by love and it shows in her dedication to your reading. 

Fantastic job Jillian, I thank you again. 

Shallyne Baez"

"'WOW!' That's the first thing that came to my mind as I read my reading. I could barely read through the tears I was shedding. They were not tears of sorrow, but tears of hope and enlightenment. Talk about nailing it on the head. Every card, every word just seemed to be on point. Thank you so much for the time you took and your ability to express, see and feel what I am going through.

Light and Love,

D. Lowder"