Intuitive Tarot Reading


Image of Intuitive Tarot Reading

These readings are special, in that I combine my 20+ years of experience using tarot and oracle cards with the intuitive messages I receive during the reading. In essence, I become a channel - a conduit - for whatever messages your guides and my own feel are most important to convey.

I will also pull additional cards if I feel like clarity is needed, or if another card(s) presents itself. Additionally, I like to include some sort of mentor/energy for you to meditate on, whether it be an animal totem, or an ancient god/ddess to help you navigate through and process the message from the cards.

If this session is done via phone or Skype, I will email you images of all the cards I pull.

This is a deeply meditative experience for me, and I'm overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude to be of service in this medium!